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I thought of doing a reintroduction but I don’t think I ever did one in id6. Firstly, let me tell you what id6 is all about, in my own words. You don’t need to fucking know the name of whoever writes in this blog, and if you don’t like the language, fuck off and go elsewhere, i.e. an evangelist’s blog. I write this way because I want to, until someone tries to convert me and my way of thinking.

Back to the topic, it’s all about the thoughts and opinions of each member. Every member is different to another so you can’t simply gauge the level of thought one has put into their entry. However, I expect a certain entry to have a certain quality, not some news or promo about some shit you really liked. Whenever I try thinking harder than usual or put deep thoughts into something, it will eventually appear on this blog. You might notice that I’ve not many posts over here (in fact only one, a few older ones got deleted). I simply just haven’t been thinking hard enough. 

Here’s a little intro about myself now. About fucking time I did one. I just turned 22, and I call myself “krapman”. I’m studying Civil Eng in Melbourne University and I think my favourite colour is black because I always picture myself wearing other colours but end up buying same old black, dark blue and grey shirts/pants. I also dislike black for some reason. There’s a love-hate relationship going on here. Why? I hate looking at dusts and small white bits on black fabric!! Oh well, I think everyone generally feels the same way as I do… 

Oh, I listen to hard rock, alternative rock, emo rock, J-Rock,K-Rock, Rap rock…..all sort of rock music. You name it, I’ve listened to it. How about death metal, progressive rock, progressive death metal, mathcore, neo-prog, ambient rock, psychedelic rock, folk rock. Been there, done that. I didn’t really appreciate music when I was young. Come to think of it, I was lucky not to have fallen into the dark pits of loving POP and RnB songs. Oh well, they all sound great and stuff but it puts me in the same shoes as every other people, which isn’t quite like me. Yeah, I’m fucking different from you. Okay time-out, why not listen to some BFMV.

You don’t need to know my family, maybe I’ll tell you next time but here’s some small details. My mom loves me a lot but I don’t think she likes me around with girls. My dad is like the mentor character in the family. He teaches you everything but you don’t know anything about him. About 4 years ago I came to Melbourne and made some good friends. But I don’t think there’s anyone who would take a bullet for me yet. If there’s one, it might be Mr.Ero, some ero guy with a regrowable dick, as he claims. It’s my final year in university and all I can say is I have many regrets. Fucking hate INTROVERSION. 

Oh, and yesterday I had a great dinner with my dad’s friend who visited Melbourne. One of his sons working in Melbourne and he drives a Mini Cooper, all the more reason to stay and work in Australia. I have lots more to say but I’ll save it for another time. Have a good one.


One Shot One Kill

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The Diary of the Life of a Sniper…

20 March 1941:

This is my rifle whom I will grow to love and take care of. She is my wife, my life, and death. No one shall take her away from me. Ever…

25 August 1942:

Obsession has become a target of marksmanship. The grunt dies for a thousand shots fired around the target…the sniper dies for that one single perfect shot…

15 February 1943:

Relished in my first kill of the day. The poor American bastard didn’t even stand a chance. The letter will soon reach his family and grief will be sought soonafter. War has taught me one thing. As in war, every soldier fires a shot back in self-defense against his enemy. Not for the sniper. The sniper exists in war for the offensive, to track his prey down through the midst of his scope, enjoy watching the last moments of his prey’s life before bringing judgment down on his miserable fate. If he is lucky, he dies painlessly from that single shot to the head. If he isn’t so, agony would torment him for the rest of his life…

Sniping is like hunting an animal, is like stalking an unknowing victim, is like playing God…

26 November 1944:

The cold winter brings the chill of loss to the great Fatherland, but fear death not; for the hour at hand will be the sniper’s finest, the most glorious of all…Live, kill, and die honourably for the preservation of the Reich!

New Kid on the Block

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Hello everyone, I’m your new author for ID6, lilturkey! First of all, it’s absolutely a privilege to be on board with a team of well…highly motivated ‘individuals’ I guess as per what the blog is all about. So throughout my stay down here, I’ll be posting topics of which I believe hopefully will stimulate and engage you and of course get you thinking. New Kid on the Block, here I come!


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Individual6 is back, and the chosen ones have been decided. This time there will really be 6 writers here. Expect some exciting new things to come. Oh and yes we will change and update things accordingly. Stay tuned!

P.S. who visited the blog 13 times last week?!

So whats life like on the other side?

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I guess being a somewhat lucky id6 writer, that is now no longer single and sort of on a long distance leash, i might share what is life like on the other side.

The good:

There is somebody you could share some stuff you cant share with ur friends?

Going out to places that is only good if you have a gf (i could name a few)

Showing off your skills at how many good restaurants you know

There is finally something good to live for

and a few other usual stuff

The bad:

PMS IS BAD x1000

If you are somehow unlucky and get a high maintenance gf, you can bid farewell to your dream pc setup. But if you are lucky enough, perhaps your gf has now learned the value of money and manage her spending somewhat better.

Obviously you cant move as freely as you used to, especially with member of the opposite sex. But as long as its within reasonable means, i guess that can be negotiated.

Insecurity is a problem especially if your loved ones are far away

Fighting against the law of SCP is hard, i try to resolve this by contacting on the phone rather a lot and buying a webcam and try to get my homework done, before she come back from work. But as a result our phone bill has literally exploded, its 4 times 49 dollar maxi cap for me this month and 500.12 singapore dollar for her (Read: 700 dollar in total this month).

So basically thats all there is to it, not that you would be surprised to see it.

On the other note, since im bored, i made something for dez

Deztroyer’s new pc plan:

E 8500           239
Corsair TWIN3X2048-1333C9DHX 2GB 139
HIS RADEON HD 4850 219
Corsair HX-620                   139
Antec P182                       199

Optional HR-03 GT                65
Optional TRUE 120 Black          79

1205 or 1344

The Pasture is Greener On the Other Side

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A friend of mine just returned from Singapore after national service the other day, and he said that almost everyone in the camp owns a psp, but he doesn’t. In no way this friend of mine is less affluent than the other nsmen, and he definitely realized that most people think that the grass is greener on the other side (means other people got more nice shits than you do).

I didn’t give this much thought afterwards until 5 minutes prior to this writing because, well i guess it’s an interesting topic to post on individual6 after months of inactivity. On many occasions this way of thinking that your friend is doing much better than you do is because you only hear one side of the story and reach an unbased conclusion that he is doing so well. You did not take into account the bad things in life that maybe the other person keeps to him/herself.

A case in point: a friend is now earning a decent salary, got a nice computer, and lots of disposable income, and the grades aren’t too shabby. You don’t have any of those so what are you going to say, life is unfair? You might not have any of those but who knows, you are earning lots of cash parking your money in term deposit since rates is at an all time high, you caught the gold rush prices, and happen to have a car and doing a degree that is in demand.

Statistically speaking most of the international students in Melbourne have a disposable income that is well above their country’s national average.That probably also includes the lots of you who happen to land on this site. Just as an illustration, I was doing some administrative work earlier and was roughly calculating my yearly cost in Melbourne. Within 3 years, my yearly cost in Melbourne had risen by 9000. And that doesn’t even include the plane tickets, and unexpected shits happenings cost, and sunk costs in investment I would not gain anything out of (read: bitch owned).

So there you go, make the best out of what you have and the persons sitting next to you are not necessarily doing as great as you think they do. Everyone has their fair share of life.